Are You Making These Three Big Mistakes When It Comes to Your Business Revenues?

When you open a brand-new business, you need to do a lot of research to determine the market demand and finalise your product or service. You may have come up with a fantastic solution, and you're sure that you can make money from it, but this alone is not going to guarantee any success. Just because your service or product is profitable, it doesn't mean that you're going to be able to manage your cash flow and keep the doors open. [Read More]

Getting Insurance

Managing risk helps you have peace of mind in the knowledge that your personal affairs or business will suffer minimally in case something bad happens. An insurance broker is a risk management professional who can help you find the best protection of risk for your business Why an insurance broker? Insurance brokers are experts in both insurance and risk management. This means they can save you time by recommending the best risk management solutions for you. [Read More]

Taking a Look at Your Debts: 3 Tips to Paying Off Your Debts Sooner

Did you know that Australia has the highest levels of household debt in the world? Those who are struggling with debt and feel like they're drowning financially should highly consider making an appointment with a financial adviser. A financial adviser can review the type and amount of debts your household has and come up with a strategic plan for you to pay off your debts sooner, so you can finally enjoy the financial freedom you deserve. [Read More]

Why Your Small Publishing Business Needs Liability Insurance

When you sit down with your business insurance broker, you may not see the need in having certain coverage packages. One of the packages you may begin to overlook is is the liability option. You may think this package is strictly for products or services where damages could occur. The truth is liability insurance as part of business insurance packages can be vital for small publishing companies, especially ones dealing in social media. [Read More]